Conservative Host Tomi Lahren Praises Lil Wayne for Having the "Balls to Pass on the Race Card"

Conservative host Tomi Lahren praised Lil Wayne for his comments on experiencing racism.

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Lil Wayne claimed earlier this week that he has not been on the receiving end of racism and conservative host Tomi Lahren quickly rallied to his side, giving the rapper props for his opinion.

"I never thought I would say this, but I have a newfound respect for Lil Wayne," said Lahren, host of The Blaze. "Even when he was race baited by Skip Bayless, given a shot to claim victimhood and throw down that poor-me, Kaepernick, Beyonce, Jesse Williams, Jada Pinkett Smith race card, he chose to speak his truth."

Lahren replayed a clip from Lil Wayne's interview with Skip Bayles where he told the Undisputed host, "I have never, and never is a strong word, never dealt with racism." Wayne also discussed his fanbase, noting the amount of white fans that attend his shows.

"Bet you didn’t expect that. Lil Wayne the unlikely voice of reason," Lahren continued before launching into the stream of backlash that exploded online following the rapper's comments. "But of course the Black Lives Matter Twitter militia just couldn’t help themselves. They labeled Lil Wayne a coon, an Uncle Tom. You can sit on your half-white ass like Colin Kaepernick, you can raise your Black Power fist and that is applauded. But as soon as a black person rejects the victimhood narrative, they lose their blackness in the eyes of many of their fans."

Lahren finished her segment off by praising Lil Wayne for being someone in black entertainment who "finally has balls to pass on the race card​."

Watch the full clip above.

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