This Is Why You Don't Want Bad Blood With Taylor Swift

This instagram is why you should never f*ck with Taylor Swift.

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Taylor Swift has made it clear there is nothing she does better than revenge. That is clear in her Vevo record-breaking, VMA-nominated, Swift Squad-filled video for "Bad Blood." From Kendrick Lamar to Gigi Hadid and Ellie Goulding, Taylor knows there is strength in numbers. But there is also strength in straight up being able to fight. From kicking those guys off their feet at the beginning to knocking out her knock out best friend Karlie Kloss in the ring, the "Bad Blood" video featured more than it's share of fighting choreography. To celebrate her NINE VMA nominations including Best Video Of The Year, Taylor uploaded a behind the scenes look at her training on Instagram to remind us all this is why you don't f*ck with Taylor.

You can vote for Taylor over at MTV's VMA website. The VMA's air live August 30.

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