Snoop Dogg Recruits DJ Khaled to Unlock the Keys for a Successful Snapchat, Life, and Beyond on 'GGN'

All they do is win on topics including Snapchat, working out, and 2Pac.

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On his latest episode of GGN, Snoop Dogg recruits DJ Khaled to kick off the season by dishing out the keys to success. Obviously, Snoop realizes booking Khaled alone IS a key to success. "It is cool if I snap something?" Khaled asks Snoop. He knows most hosts don't want you to snap, but Snoop happily obliges. "Ayo, Snoop. They don't want you to have this show, man. They don't want you to have the number one show in the streets, man. They don't want you to keep being an icon. They don't want you to keep winning. So, what we gonna do is we gonna continue winning. And we gonna keep getting money, you feel me?"

From there, the two launch into a conversation that spans wanting to create a legendary posthumous cut featuring 2Pac, Biggie, Bob Marley, and Michael Jackson, to how Khaled's new album reflects the big changes he'd made in his life, including getting on a new fitness grind. Of course, Khaled also unlocks some more keys to his wildly successful Snapchat revolution. He also drops gems like, "It's going to storm. We respect the ones that make it out the storm." If anyone can make it out of a storm, Khaled can. All these two do is win.

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