No, That's Not Deray Mckesson On Ariana Grande's New Song

Blame the internet.

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The internet can be a fickle place. On one hand, it can gift us a whole lot of genius from Zola's epic 150-tweet tale to the Kanye 2020 Presidential commercial we all wanted to see, going viral within minutes. Of course, that virality can also spread untrue information just as fast.

You might have heard that Ariana Grande dropped her new song and video last night for "Focus." Well, someone, somewhere in the corners of the internet got the idea that Deray Mckesson is singing on the song's hook. Deray is a prominent activist within the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Fortunately for the internet, Deray was able to shut down the rumors just as fast. 

@ArianaGrande teamed up with #BlackLivesMatter spokesperson @deray for the #Focus chorus. Equality Queen
No, that is not me singing the hook on Ariana Grande's new song #Focus.

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