New Gorillaz Album Is Reportedly Coming in 2017

Gorillaz previously hinted that their new album would be coming this year, but a new update suggests fans will have to wait until 2017 for new music.

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A first look at the new Gorillaz album left us more than a little excited for the new project, but it turns out we're going to have to wait until 2017 to hear it. Gorillaz co-creator, Jamie Hewlett, ran into a fan on the street and gave an update on the album, revealing that it can't be rushed and won't be ready until 2017, according to Gorillaz fan page, GorillazNorthAmerica.

Of course, Hewlett did tell the fan that the album is "special, really fuckin special," which only makes the wait that much more unbearable since news of the album first popped up all the way back in 2015. The band's other co-founder, Damon Albarn, admitted to the world that he was in the early days of experimentation of a new Gorillaz project last October.

In April, Hewlett shared videos of himself and Albarn in the studio together. The clips didn't give us more than some select beats and some quick lyrics, but they were a clear indication that the bandmates were hard at work.

The still untitled album will be the group's fifth album and the first since 2010's The Fall. There is not much information known about the project yet, but we do know that Albarn has been working recently with Vic Mensa, based off producer Remi Kabaka's Instagram, French composer Jean Michel-Jarre, producer Twilite Tone, and singer-songwriter Liam Bailey.

It's disappointing to know that we have to wait longer than the heavily hinted 2016 release date, but we're just glad there is a release date at all. Check out the full update about the new Gorillaz album below.

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