Meek Mill on Drake's "Back to Back" Diss: 'I Thought It Was Hot'

Meek Mill opens up about his Drake beef in a new interview with Taxstone.

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Taxstone recently met up with Meek Mill for his latest episode of his popular podcast and in the first preview, which you can watch above. Tax wastes no time getting right to it with Meek and his beef with Drake

In the clip, Tax asks Meek what his first thought was when he heard Drake's "Back to Back" diss song. "I ain't think it was no shit that people was gonna be like, 'you got killed.' I thought it was hot," Meek explained. "Like when we shoot at niggas, you gotta shoot a nigga through the heart. When you wake up in the mirror, you looking in the mirror, you hearing what the nigga told you, some shit about yourself that you can’t even deal with. That’s how we battle where we come from."

Meek goes on to ask Tax if he thinks Drake got any real hits on him on the track, but Tax concedes it was more about the hip-hop/pop record's beat.

"But when Nas and Jay Z battled and niggas was hittin' at each other. They trying to hit you in your head," Meek adds, which brings Tax to the most important question. "Why didn’t you respond?" That's where the clip cuts out, ensuring we will all be waiting on the response when the full interview is released next week.

The interview arrives at a crucial time considering Meek's long-anticipated DC4 finally dropped last night. Be sure to check out his new project right here and look for the Taxstone interview to arrive in full on Monday, Oct. 31.

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