Martin Shkreli Claims He's Acquired Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter V,' Plays Alleged Music Off Album

Martin Shkreli claims he bought Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter V' and played music from the project on Periscope.

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Martin Shkreli claims that he just bought Lil Wayne's still-unreleased twelfth studio album, Tha Carter V.

The pharmaceutical villain and notorious hip-hop album buyer jumped on Periscope to share the news with the world. "I have acquired hip-hop's most sought after album," he told everyone watching as he waited for the viewer numbers to get to at least 5,000. "It's gonna make Wu-Tang look irrelevant. I have acquired hip-hop's most exclusive, most sought-after album and it's mine."

He proceeded to tease the release and waited for viewers to guess the album he might have been speaking about. After many guessed Lil B, 2Pac, Lil Wayne, and more, he confessed that he had acquired Carter V. "Y'all get to hear it because I'm feeling good today. It's Christmas," he said before declaring, "This is a track from an album called The Carter V by Lil Wayne," and hitting play on the first song. 

"So much shit on my mind/I just hope I don't smell like it/The motherfuckers that are famous/Are the same ones that have nails biting," Wayne appears to be rap. "Real n*ggas still real n*ggas/You new n*ggas just lame n*ggas/when your shit fire don't be surprised/acting like..." the lyrics go. Shkreli hits pause and says, "And he's talking about me." In the last moment of the clip, it sounds like Wayne raps, "I'm caffeinated, I'm updated/I start from the bottom then gravitate."

Shkreli then answered some questions. "Should I release it to the public? Birdman might kill me," he said before adding that "it's a two CD tape." When asked how much he paid for the album, he just said, "That's between me and the seller."

Shkreli then jumped back online for a second Periscope and played another song. "That's that Bieber feature. Justin Biebs." He went on to declare the whole thing as "the best Weezy album ever." He also gave out his phone number and viewers called him asking how he got the album, which he of course wouldn't explain. According to Shkreli, Wayne shows plenty of love to Birdman on the album, which shows you how long ago this music was first recorded. Of course, the Cash Money founder and Wayne have had a very public feud dating back to 2014 over this very album. And now it appears this stunt has caused some beef between Shkreli and Wayne.

Sources close to the rapper have confirmed the album is legit. They told TMZ that Wayne's team is launching an internal investigation to identify the person who sold the record to Shrekli. There's also a possibility that Shrekli will face a lawsuit by either Cash Money or Universal Music Group. We'll keep you updated as the story unfolds. 

Wayne has a pretty extensive catalog, but no tracks surfaced when cross referencing the lyrics heard on these songs. Watch Shkreli make the announcement and listen for the music at the 4:50 and 6:45 mark above. Unfortunately, it appears that Shkreli deleted his other Periscope featuring the Bieber feature.

Martin shkreli bought the carter V. Does this mean we will get to actually hear it now?
To everyone that wanted to The Carter V, looks like you are shit out of luck because Martin Shkreli got it lol
martin shkreli really keep pausing this carter 5 like an english teacher showing hamlet to the class
Martin shkreli has the carter 5. This man buying every album
There is NO WAY that Martin Shkreli bought The Carter V
This dude @MartinShkreli really bought Tha Carter V 😭😭
Martin Shkreli bought the Carter V and is playing it on periscope. So far a Bieber feature.
Moving right along, Birdman sold @MartinShkreli Tha Carter V. See you all in hell.
The legend @MartinShkreli got Carter 5. Epic
Well, Martin Shkreli bought the Carter 5. Looks like my last hope to listen to this album has been crushed
I dont know if I can believe martin shkreli bought the Carter 5. I mean of course he played an unheard weezy song but don't mean its carter5

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