Lil Yachty Reveals How He Linked Up With Kanye West on 'The Breakfast Club'

Lil Yacthy talks about how he connected with Kanye West during his new 'Breakfast Club' interview.

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Lil Yachty stopped byThe Breakfast Club Thursday morning to discuss his growing success. It turns out that Yachty got into rapping because his friends used to rap. "My friends used to rap...I don't know. I guess when you hang around people, you just want to be like who you look up to." That crew actually called themselves The Yacht Club, which is how he got his name.

The conversation then switched to girls with Yachty admitting that his new life being alone on the road has left him in search of a girlfriend. "I do, like, once every two weeks." When Charlamagne pointed out that he must be hooking up with girls a lot these days, Yachty confessed, "Yeah, but that's not the same." For all the girls who are aiming for Yachty's heart, beware that he knows what he wants. "I want a chocolate girlfriend. If I can't get India Love." He also fully plans to get the Game's permission to chase after Love since the two used to date. You might remember that Yachty teamed up with Kylie Jenner and Justine Skye on his friend Burberry Perry's track, but Yachty is adamant that those girls are just his friends.

Yachty also opened up about how his red hair used to land him on the receiving end of insults. "They used to pick on me. They used to laugh at me." We're sure Yachty is the one laughing now considering his red hair made him stand out that time he modeled for Kanye West at Madison Square Garden. His red hair, along with his boat theme, he says is all just part of his package. "It's my image. It's my thing."

Of course, the crew had to ask Yachty how he hooked up with Kanye West and scored a spot in his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show earlier this year. "I did the show through Ian [Connor]," Yachty revealed. Charlamagne tried to then steer the conversation into the recent rape allegations against Connor, but Yachty skipped over the subject as best as he could. "I did a photo shoot for him not too long ago...and one of his assistants told me that he was playing me in the car for Kanye." When Kanye asked who was playing, Connor told 'Ye that it was Yachty who has modeled in his show and that he gifted him with a pair of free Yeezys.

Earlier this week, Yachty met up with Complex's very own Chopz at Sardi's to grab some pizza. Needless to say, Yachty is awesome and we highly suggest you don't sleep on him. Watch Yachty's Breakfast Club interview above and revisit our own sit down with the rapper from earlier this year here.

We're at Sardi's having pizza with Boat right now lmao

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