Lil B Talks Bernie Sanders Support and #BlackLivesMatter on MSNBC

Lil B thinks we all "need a lot more empathy."

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Earlier this summer, Lil B took to Twitter to explain that he was endorsing presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. In a recent interview with CNN, the Based God expanded on those reasons citing the candidate's long history of civil rights advocacy. Today, Lil B continued his new politico career in an interview with MSNBC's Michael Eric Dyson to further discuss his support for the candidate, the relationship with #BlackLivesMatter, transgender issues and more.

Lil B told Dyson "Well you know, sir, just coming from the Bay Area, being around places like Oakland, where they have the divide in East Oakland, where we need to raise minimum wage." Following his comments earlier this summer about his self-admitted transphobia (and subsequent apology), Lil B also touched on the importance of transgender rights. "Protect transgender people, and also homosexual and gay people. A lot of transgender people are losing their lives, and that's something that a lot of people won't talk about." Watch the full interview above.

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