Kyla Thought Drake Wanting to Work With Her Was an April Fools Joke

Before the Drake feature, Kyla had taken a step back from music.

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Kyla, the UK artist that Drake sampled on "One Dance," said she was in disbelief when she got the call that the Toronto rapper wanted to use her song. In an interview with Trevor Nelson on BBC Radio 1Xtra over the weekend, the singer revealed that she had been putting off returning the call due to a break in music. "I got a call a while back, and I was getting loads of emails. To be honest, I was really bad and kept putting them aside like ‘I’ll call later,’" Kyla explained. "When we phoned, the company said ‘A huge international star wants to sample your tune and they wanna have a meeting with you’. I was like ‘Yeah ok, who?’ and when they said Drake I was like ‘Yeah right!’ We signed papers and I still didn’t believe it. I had a feeling someone was gonna say to me, ‘April Fools.’"

The conversation then shifted to how Kyla actually became featured on the song. "They said they wanted it to be a sample at first. That’s what they originally contacted me for, then when we got on the phone and had chats, they were like ‘how would you like to be a feature instead?’" Kyla accepted the offer, which is why we all get to hear her hook on the track. You can listen to her full interview with BBC here. "One Dance" will be on Drake's highly-anticipated new album, Views From the 6, which finally has a release date of April 29. You can watch Drake's trailer for the album here.

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