Kevin Gates on Why He Won't Support Black Lives Matter: “We Kill Each Other"

In a new video, Kevin Gates said he refuses to support the Black Lives Matter movement because of black-on-black crime.

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Kevin Gates has once taken shots at the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it "bullshit" because of black on black crime.

"We kill each other," he states in a video, which you can watch above. "But as soon as a white boy kill one of us, everybody going hooping and howling and all that stupid ass shit." He then imitated people who ask him why he doesn't support the movement, since he has been asked so many times why he feels the way he does. "When you stand for something, you gotta stand for it all the way, not halfway."

The rapper doesn't hold back in the video where he also goes on to say if blacks were not killed by whites, they would be killed by each other anyway. "Niggers hate on niggers. Niggers steal from niggers. Niggers kill niggers. Come on, man. Help yo brother, don't hurt yo brother."

Todays comments are not nearly the first time that Gates has spoken out against the Black Lives Matter movement. He previously stated that "All lives matter" on Instagram and later said in an interview that he agrees with Stacey Dash, who has stirred up controversy expressing her views on the topic. "They were like, 'Stacey Dash said that it shouldn't be no BET. Everybody should be Americans.' And I was like, 'If she said that, then I feel like I agree with that because there's only two types of people in life: real people and fake people.'"

Several other celebrities have gone public with opinions similar to Gates. Singer Christina Millian ignited a social media storm when she tweeted that "All lives matter" and imploring those reading to "become better together." Of course, Twitter went nuts as they have when other celebrities, including Stacey Dash, have taken to social media to express similar sentiments. Watch Gates' latest rant above.

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