Kesha Performed With New Band During a Secret Show In Nashville Last Week

The singer is still in a legal battle with Dr. Luke.

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In a surprise move, Kesha performed an intimate, secret show in Nashville over the holidays. The singer took the stage with her new band Yeast Infection, and performed new psych-rock renditions of her hit songs "Blow" and "Timber." Although she is used to much larger arenas, the singer played to an audience of about 100 guests in the city's Springwater Lounge venue.

Kesha is still entangled in a very public, year-long legal battle with producer/label head Dr. Luke that has prevented her from recording any new music. This past September, Kesha's lawyers pushed for a preliminary injunction that would potentially allow her to record without Dr. Luke and Kesha wrote letters to Sony asking to work with any other label under their umbrella. Sony responded with a legal document citing Adele, Justin Timberlake, and D'Angelo as examples of artists who have taken long breaks and still found success, according to TMZ. "Until this Court rules on the declaratory judgment claim, Kesha is at an impasse," her lawyer said.

Kesha posted a video of her performance to Facebook and thanked fans in the caption. "HAPPY HOLLERDAYZ from Y E A S T I N F E C T I O N!!! I love all of my ANIMALS!!! Thanks for all of the support this year!!!....Don't worry NO ONE will ever shut me up." Watch the performance above.

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