Gallant Recruits Seal for a Magnetic Live Rendition of "Weight in Gold"

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It was only a matter of time before Gallant paired up with Seal for something special. In his newest offering, Gallant recruits the celebrated singer for a live rendition of his 2015 hit, "Weight in Gold." The duo exchange the original's pulsating production for live instrumentals as Seal's smoked out, gruff-ridden vocals take us in through the first chorus. That's when Gallant slides in with his sky-scraping falsetto in perfect key and makes it clear why he is an artist currently riding a meteoric rise. The result of their two combined vocals is nothing short of an emotionally surrendering experience.

Speaking on the experience, Gallant tells i-D, "Seal was the guy that made it okay to straddle genres. He just absolutely refused to conform." Beyond that, Gallant says it was Seal that inspired him growing up. "Hearing his lyrics as a kid completely transformed my idea of being an artist, being honest in what you write, being black... all of it." 

The matchup is the latest episode of Gallant's In the Room series where he pairs up with incredible musicians to cover songs in an intimate setting. Previously, the young singer linked up with collaborator Sufjan Stevens to perform "Blue Bucket of Gold." You can catch Gallant live on ZHU's Neon City tour hitting North America. Also, be on the lookout for Gallant to release his debut album, Ology, which comes out April 6 on Mind of a Genius Records.

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