Watch 14-Year-Old Amy Winehouse Sing "Happy Birthday" To Her Best Friend

Amy Winehouse sounds exactly like Amy Winehouse singing 'Happy Birthday' at age 14.

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With Amy Winehouse's documentary Amy hitting theaters soon, clips and early reactions are swirling the internet as people get their first glances of the movie. One clip that surfaced today features a 14-year-old Amy with friends giggling over lollipops before singing "Happy Birthday" to her best friend Lauren Gilbert​, with the friends falling silent as Amy's signature, growling voice shines through.

Made up of old movies and archival footage, the doc features the artist's rise, reluctance to fame and struggling drug addiction. "The more people see of me, the more they'll realize that all I'm good for is making music," Amy Winehouse said in the movie's newest trailer.  Amy hits theaters in New York, Los Angeles and the U.K. on July 3 and nationwide on July 10.

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