Adele Reveals the Real Reason She Is Going on Tour and Shares Her Obsession for Lana Del Rey

The global star opens up to 'Vogue.'

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Adele had a monumental 2015 with a triumphant new single "Hello" which was soon followed by a record-breaking album. In a new cover story for Vogue with pictures shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, the 27-year-old opens up about her tour, the music she listens to, and her family. Primarily, she explains the only real reason that she is going on tour in support of 25. “I’m only touring for the fans, to see the people that changed my life. There’s no need for me to tour. I’ll always be nervous, worrying whether I’m going to be good enough. And the adrenaline is so exhausting.” 

She says she understands what it's like to want to see your favorite artist live. “Any record that’s ever moved me, when the artist is alive, I’ve seen them live. I’d get pissed off if that artist was still alive and I never saw him.” After professing her love in her Carpool Karaoke session with James Corden, it shouldn't be too surprising that her greatest memory involves seeing the Spice Girls live after her mom managed to score tickets. “People always think I joke about this,” she says. “But the Spice Girls blew up when I was seven. And seeing them coming from a humble background—there was hope in it. It was really a massive part of my life when the whole Girl Power thing happened.”

She also opens up about her love for Lana Del Rey while listening to “Salvatore.” “I’m obsessed with her. Her lyrics are fierce. The chorus of this song makes me feel like I’m flying, like that bit in your life when it goes into slo-mo. When you’ve got nothing to do and you’re staring out of the window and your mind goes to magical places.”

Of course, her entire plan for touring revolves around her son, Angelo, so she can be back in England when his nursery school begins. "My main thing is Mum, then it’s me, then it’s work. I think I had to take the right amount of time off to let people miss me." Read Adele's Vogue interview here and catch Adele on her world tour, including North America, this year.

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