Too $hort Chose A Three Month Jail Sentence Over Probation

Too $hort chooses a short jail sentence over a years-long probation sentence.

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Too $hort is headed to jail for three months after failing to uphold the terms of a plea deal stemming from a DUI arrest in 2013. The Los Angeles rapper fell short of his required community service and was given the choice between an extended probation term or the short jail sentence during a court appearance today, according to TMZ. Too $hort reportedly opted for the 90-day sentence instead of another three years on probation. TMZ also reports that the jail sentence might even be cut short due to overcrowding. 

Shortly after the 2013 arrest, which also resulted in what the rapper called a bogus drug charge, footage was released showing Too $hort trying to run from the cops and, maybe because he was drunk, he didn't make it too far. Check out the clip here


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