Stream Fetty Wap's Debut Album

Fetty Wap delivers his debut album after almost a year of breakout singles.

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Fetty Wap has just pulled off one of the more impressive come-ups in recent hip-hop history. Just over a year ago he skyrocketed out of Paterson, N.J. with a breakout single that is as likely a contender for "Song of the Year" as it is the song of a particular season. And then he doubled down: rather than rush out an album, Fetty has been building a chart-worthy buzz, single after single, and he's broken a handful of records in the process

Now, the long-awaited debut album is finally here, and while much of the tracklist might be familiar to fans, he's making a statement by foregoing any big name features on the 20-song outing. Instead, we get a handful of appearances from fellow Remy Boy artists M80 and Monty, and it's that same pave-my-own-way approach that's been attracting the fanbase all along. 

Check out the full album stream via NPR below (for the next 24 hours) and hit iTunes right here for the official drop on Friday.

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