Mac Miller Announces Album Title & Release Date

Mac Miller announces his next album title and release date.

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Good news for Mac Miller fans: just a few days after announcing that his next album was done, the Pennsylvania rapper has just shared details about the album's title and release date. Miller's third album (and first in more than two years) is called Good A.M. and is due out on September 18th. The record will be Mac's first as a major-label artist and he'll jump right into tour-mode shortly after its release. 

Miller shared the news in an interview with Hot 97 earlier today. "The album's coming out September 18th," he said. "It's called Good A.M."

"The tour is called 'The Good A.M. Tour' and it starts at the end of September," he later added. "Right around the album time." When pressed for details about the tour, Mac admitted that he's unsure about the lineup and reiterated that he's been holed away recording for years on end. "I'm not sure exactly who is confirmed and who's not," he said. "Look, I'ma tell you where my focus has been, baby. My focus has been on making classics, the best that I can. Making music the best that I know how to. Getting everything right for the people, I am a man of the people...All I did for two-and-a-half years—everyone's like, 'Where you been? Where you been?'—it was just me in this room with the door closed making music."

Watch the whole interview below. 

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