Mac Miller took to Twitter earlier today to announce that his upcoming third album is officially ready to go. The album, Miller's first for a major label, apparently underwent some serious changes over the more than two-year span in which he recorded it.  "I am now listening to the finished album for the first time and it was worth every step that was this journey," he wrote. "Everything is happening exactly how it's supposed to. You will hear soon. Very soon. I can't wait for you guys to hear it. I've never felt this good about a project before."

Miller also Tweeted about being cut off from ordering any more liquor on a plane at the end of the album announcement, so maybe we have that whiskey to thank for the news dropping. (Miller also Tweeted about hoping that Drake Tweets his album out before promptly deleting the note.)

Check out Miller's announcement Tweets below and cross your fingers that the major label involvement doesn't hold things up.