Earl Sweatshirt Hints At Name Change

Earl Sweatshirt says he's "finna change [his] rap name."

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Earl Sweatshirt took to Twitter tonight with news that he might change his stage name. The rapper, whose given name is Thebe Neruda Kgositsile​, launched into a series of Tweets with a note that he's "finna change [his] rap name." He tacked a "lol" onto the end of the initial Tweet but went on to say he's "not tryna be kind of a joke forever" despite claiming that he "found a flight name that makes [him] laugh more than earl sweatshirt does." Sweatshirt also offered that the change-up isn't about "hating [his] past," a possible allusion to his recent remarks about Odd Future fizzling out. 

Earlier this month Sweatshirt referenced the OF collective as his "teenage boy club that got famous that [he's] trying to not be defined by." He also said at the time, "Right now, I’m really trying to set my own two feet down as me. The OF thing follows you–it’s viral–even though not one thing I’ve done in the past couple years has been focused on OF."

Check out Earl's Tweets from earlier tonight below.

im finna change my rap name lol
dead ass
it's not about hating my past I just found a flight name that makes me laugh more than earl sweatshirt does
lmaoooo yall hot
I ain't finna tell y'all till I got some music to drop with it. Just be on standby
I'm not tryna be kind of a joke forever
y'all need to lighten up y'all mood man that shit not gon effect your life in any way
say my say my say my say my name

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