Donald Trump Played Adele at His Rally in Ohio

The Donald is an Adele fan.

Image via Instagram

This probably won't last long: according to The New York TimesDonald Trump has taken to using an unexpected Adele track as the backdrop for some of his rallies. Earlier this week at a gathering in Columbus, Ohio Trump not only blared out some Beatles and Elton John hits—"Hey Jude" and "Rocket Man" if you were wondering—but also lifted Adele's theme song to the 2012 Bond film Skyfall. The 10,000 person rally at the Columbus Convention Center also featured some increasingly common Trump protestors—one sign read “Hitler Trump for President”—but obviously nobody was there for the music. (By contrast, Trump's visit to a recent Adele concert probably wasn't about her politics.) 

Stereogum reports that none of the artists played at the rally have released statements about their music being used for Trump's political campaign, but given the Donald's history of angering musicians for the same thing (remember that AerosmithR.E.M., and Neil Young have already lashed out at the Republican candidate for using their music without permission), we can probably count on another cease and desist letter being delivered any moment. 

Check out a non-musical protest moment from the same rally below:

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