Trillary Banks Delivers That “Good Good” On Her Own Terms

Repurposing the words of a less-than-savoury character she calls Uncle Larry, "Good Good" becomes a sex-positive late summer scorcher for the fans.

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Trillary Banks, aka Leicester’s finest, is back with a new dancehall rumbler.

“Good Good”, she explained in a recent Instagram post, was inspired by a recent trip to Kingston, Jamaica. After being catcalled by a character she calls ‘Uncle Larry’, she decided to flip his bizarre approach to seduction, which included a particularly sleazy use of the words ‘good good’, into her next single.

“My good good brings all the boys to the yard,” she asserts, repurposing Uncle Larry’s words and setting them against a bubbling guitar riff and a gently bumping dancehall rhythm. Although born out of something less than pleasant, she’s turned it into a late summer gem and the visuals play to that perfectly, pulling together a collage of clips recorded at her triumphant Wireless set mixed in with fan-created footage.

Hit play on the visuals at the top and be sure to add “Good Good” to your playlists.

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