Krept & Konan And Bandokay Join Swarmz On Soul II Soul-Sampling "However Do You Want It"

Swarmz give us another gift for the summer.

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So many songs have come out in the past few months that would've absolutely lit up barbecues, beach parties, carnivals and so on, had it not been for the devastation of COVID. The latest to join the list is this new one from Swarmz (who also famously capitalised on quarantine with his Instagram 'Twerk Show'), joined by Krept & Konan and OFB star Bandokay.

Built around the iconic hook from Soul II Soul's song of the same name, "However Do You Want It" is pure summer heat. Avoiding the trappings of most summer rap tunes, all four artists steer well clear of pop territory with fast-talking rhymes packed with quotables.

To match the high octane energy, director Chris Chuky puts our four heroes in a white knuckle car chase. Swarmz makes his escape in a rally car, drifting in front of police, Krept hitches a lift on a quad, and Bandokay seems to have given them all the slip. Konan, meanwhile, is forced to try and shake off his pursuers on foot. Doesn't quite seem fair if you ask us.

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