Skengdo X AM Are 'Back Like We Never Left' As They Open A New Chapter With "Intro" Visuals

With their recent problems behind them, the future's looking bright.

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Late last week, lifelong friends and musical allies Skengdo X AM released their keenly-anticipated new project Back Like We Never Left. While the title might suggest they're making a comeback after a lengthy hiatus, it's only been a year since their Chief Keef team-up Greener On The Other Side and just two years since their breakout 2 Bunny The Mixtape. There was, of course, the threat of a lengthy hiatus as the pair have spent much of the past couple of years fending off attacks from both the tabloid media and the police.

Fortunately, or at least hopefully, that's behind them now. After being invited to speak in Parliament in defence of UK drill, there's an optimism in the air. Even the title of the new project, Back Like We Never Left, suggests that things are looking up and the real fun's only just beginning. Although the pair have been experimenting with other strains of rap, the vast majority of Back Like We Never Left is pure drill and they both sound refreshed and at ease.

To mark the release, they've also dropped off visuals for project opener "Intro". Kicking things off in style, the Black Cloud-directed video makes reference to their past with well-selected samples of past hits like "DiDiDi Bow" and their responses to the police, while setting the scene for what's about to come with revealing shots of the pair in the studio an undeniable air of eager positivity.

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