Premiere: Dublin Alt-Rap Duo Tebi Rex Poke Fun At Rap Cockiness With “IMTHEBEST”

Quick-witted as ever, they balance self-awareness and rap cockiness to poke fun at themselves and the unwavering self-confidence of every 20-something.

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Dublin-hailing alt-rap duo Tebi Rex, aka Matt Ó and Max Zanga, are back with their new single, “IMTHEBEST”, a self-effacing prod at the hubris of youth. 

The pair have been thick as thieves for years, working relentlessly since their first official release in 2017. Then, after the release of last year’s It’s Gonna Be Okay, they hit the pause button for a year so they could recalibrate and experiment with some solo material. Raring to go for the next round, they’re today sharing the video for “IMTHEBEST”, the first single to kick off a new chapter for them both. 

“IMTHEBEST” also marks a bit of a change in sound for Matt and Max, pushing the indie side of their sound and letting that take the lead ahead of the rap influence—although that still remains an essential part of their sound. What still remains at the core of their music is their humour. This time round they balance self-awareness and rap cockiness to poke fun at themselves and the unwavering self-confidence of every 20-something. Or, in their words: “It’s a delusional song because we’re delusional people. We’re artists, that’s how we’re supposed to be.”

Putting that on the screen, the pair called on Higo Visuals and Daragh O’Neill to take that message and lay the contradiction out for all to see. As the caption explains, they wanted to “prove that music is hard and everything else is easy” and to do so they had Matt and Max try and outdo three professionals: pole dancer Claire Toomey, powerlifter Aisling Lee, and skateboarder Jamie Griffin. You can probably guess how it went.

Hit play on the new video at the top and then be sure to add “IMTHEBEST” to all your playlists.


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