Premiere: Sipprell Embraces Motherhood In “Already Yours” Video, A Loving Message To Her Unborn Child

Following on from her announcement a couple of months ago that she would soon be a mother, Sipprell is back with a track that documents her hopes and fears.

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A couple of months ago, South London singer-songwriter Sipprell took to Instagram to share the news that she would soon be a mother. Of course, it’s an emotional time and understandably it’s given her a lot to think about. Keen to “capture this moment in time as a gift to [her] unborn child”, she’s releasing her new single “Already Yours”.

Using music to unpack and process her thoughts is nothing new for Sipprell. A couple of years ago, she confronted some of the unspoken barriers in her relationship with her mother on “Like We Don’t Care” and on her 2018 track, “Personal”, she opened up about the passing of her late brother with some truly visceral songwriting.

“Already Yours” also comes with a set of crisp, black-and-white visuals from director Aiden Harmitt-Williams. Uncluttered by too much colour or scenery, the focus is kept solely on Sipprell, cradling her unborn child, while she unburdens herself of her worries and pledges her love and devotion to her future offspring.

Speaking on the track’s inception, she told Complex: “I wrote this song in early pregnancy when I was battling with self-doubt and fears about becoming a mum but also felt a new sense of purpose and unconditional love.”

Watch the video exclusively above and be sure to add “Already Yours” to your playlists.

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