Premiere: Santino Le Saint Delivers Soaring R&B Epic "4AM"

Heart-wrenching guitar playing and gloomy electronics.

Santino Le Saint


Santino Le Saint

Santino Le Saint, the man combining soaring, wailing guitar solos and hazy trap beats, has today dropped his latest single "4AM", taken from his upcoming third EP. Vocally, Le Saint's style is mostly R&B rich, soulful and full of power, but his intricate guitar-playing makes for a striking take on what is otherwise a (mostly) electronic-led sound. A three-pronged attack, Santino Le Saint brings together a rich, soulful vocal style with heart-wrenching guitar playing and eerily gloomy electronics. "It's mad how the weather can influence your mood," says Le Saint, "and being in London makes that unpredictable. I wrote '4AM' on a winter night, heavy rain, just after I'd put my phone on airplane mode. I'm just not trying to hear from certain people at those hours. The hook emerged out of that moment, and then I laid down the beat the next day. The lyrics tell the story of that night, and the guitar, well, I'll let the solo speak for itself."

UPDATE: The official video has landed.

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