Premiere: Jords Announces New Album With “Drill Vs Grime” f/ Lil Sykes

It was only last year that he released the 'Swings & Roundabouts' four-tracker, but the work never stops and today he announces his new album.

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UK rapper Jords has big things planned for this year. Last year, he made his presence known with a number of loosies and the well-received Swings & Roundabouts project, but the work never stops and today he’s announcing that he’ll be releasing a new album this year. 

Beyond that, Jords is keeping tight-lipped about the title and release date, but he has just dropped off the video for his new single, “Drill Vs Grime” featuring fellow rapper Lil Sykes, and it’s probably safe to assume we can expect this taking pride of place in the tracklist.

Doing exactly what it says on the tin, the new track sets Jords’ roots as a grime head against Lil Sykes’ more new-school drill flow, finding little overlaps and combining the two for a juiced-up banger ready for the moshpits. That’s in no small part down to the tense production from Z.Dot and Mr Again, who pair tense, grimey synths with those hallmark 808s to create something that feels as if it’s just about to spill over into a riot.

For the video, director Sau Ali meets that tension head-on and matches it, stripping away all colour to cast Jords and Sykes in all-black against a monochrome setting. Standing on the table tops, with their troops gathered, it really does feel like Jords is really as fired up as he looks—and, crucially, ready for what’s to come.

Peep the “Drill Vs Grime” visuals exclusively above, and be sure to add the song to your playlists.


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