Premiere: Genesis Owusu Soundtracks The Worsening Chaos Around Us With Punk-Funk Fusion "The Other Black Dog"

"The Other Black Dog" is out now. 'Smiling With No Teeth' drops March 2021.

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After debuting back in 2017 with the wildly eclectic Cardrive EP — a six-tracker that took in punk, hip-hop, spoken word, hip-hop and more — Australia's Genesis Owusu is now getting ready to release his debut album, Smiling With No Teeth (due March 2021). Given everything he's put out so far, the album will no doubt be a visceral adventure through any number of different sounds. As a taster, he's just dropped one of the album's singles, "The Other Black Dog", and with it the fresh new visuals from director Riley Blakeway.

Arriving as a response and soundtrack to the explosion of chaos that's filled 2020, "The Other Black Dog" is the sound of someone watching a planet filled with police brutality, rising fascism, devastating global warming, and trying to maintain their grip on sanity. It's a battle we've all fought this year and Owusu's mix of wild-eyed punk and sludgy funk really does feel like both the soundtrack and the antidote to it all — so hit play at the top to watch the chaos unfold.

"The Other Black Dog" is out now. Smiling With No Teeth drops March 2021.

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