Premiere: Durkle Disco Showcases The Best In Bristol Grime On New Mixtape

You need to pay more attention to Bristol.


Bristol's contribution to music is widely held in high regard. The city's role in the birth and growth of trip-hop, drum & bass and dubstep is frequently celebrated, but what many don't realise is that Bristol is consistently turning out first-rate spitters and producers in the grime field. One local label, Durkle Disco, have made it their mission to make sure Bristol is remembered in the grime history books. After a series of surefooted EPs and singles, the label have put together this mixtape of some of Bristol's finest. You may already know a couple of names from the city (Kahn, Grim SickersKoast) but the vast majority of this tape should give you a decent inroad into a scene that's at least as thriving and full of talent as London.

Durkle Disco Mixtape Vol. 1 will be available as a limited run of CDs from their Bandcamp, with each track available digitally, from Nov. 20.


1. Blazey Bodynod Intro
2. Grim Sickers – "Matcha freestyle" (produced by Scruloose)
3. Kilaze, Strikez & Skillzee – "Wide Awake" (produced by Lojik)
4. Juma, Koast, Ngaio, Dread MC & Dash Villz – "Tequila" (produced by Lojik)
5. Slowie – "Straight Through The Gate freestyle" (produced by Unkey)
6. Sparkerboi & Koast – "Got A Nu" (produced by Kahn)
7. Zico & Joe Peng – "Showstopper" (produced by Unkey)
8. Double – "Chrysalis freestyle" (produced by Carlos)
9. Widz & Springa – "The Orchid freestyle"
10. Carasel f/ Twizzy, Jinxsta JX, Kilaze, J Man, Koast, Skillzee, Dread MC, Redders & Foxy – "Get Rowdy" (Bristol Remix) (produced by Stanza)
11. Gravity f/ Jay ELP – "Know About Me" (produced by Carlos)
12. Zico, J Man & Mistafire – "Champion" (produced by Unkey)
13. Carasel, Kaydan, Akespeare & Texas – "Phantom Forces freestyle" (produced by Unkey)
14. Illaman, Koast, Redders, Slowie & Sirplus – "Too Rowdy" (produced by Unkey)
15. callmedoorz – "Nightmare"
16. Styll Dash, Drapes & Jay0117 – "The Alibi" (produced by Carlos)
17. Slowie – "All That" (produced by Lemzly Dale)
18. Dash Villz – "Come To Bury You freestyle" (produced by Unkey)
19. K Kamz, Jinxsta JX & T1NY – "Wickedest Flow" (produced by Carlos)
20. DLMTG – "Come Around" (produced by OH91)
21. Sirplus, Koast, Flying Monk, Scarz, Strikez, Relly, Sparkerboi, Springa, Double, J Man,Prime, B'Tol, Carasel, Blunt, Dash Villz, Ceaze, Zino, Jay0117, Redders, Kilaze, Jinxsta JX & Slowie – "State Of Emergency" [8 Bar Madness 2015] (produced by Unkey)
22. Bristol Allstars – "8 Bar Madness" (Baileys Brown Remix) [bonus track]

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