Premiere: Glasgow's Chlobocop Smudges The Line Between R&B And Rap On Woozy "Narcotics"

With psychedelic results.

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Rising Glaswegian singer Chlobocop first made her mark last year with her debut EP, Lil' Red Ridin' From The Hood, before earning even more acclaim earlier this year with the Pay As You Go EP. The latter earned her critical acclaim and some high profile attention, and now she's back to capitalise on that with her first post-EP single, "Narcotics".

The woozy-sounding new single is a continuation of the swirling blend of R&B and rap, this time adding in a Spanish guitar melody to counterbalance her low-slung flow. Adding to that hazy quality is the Woozie World-directed video at the top which follows Chloe through a deep red filter and almost kaleidoscopic camera angles.

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