Premiere: Blackwave Head To L.A To Unite With K1D, Caleborate And Pell For "Up There"

Matching the frantic energy of everyone trying to make it in L.A.

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Belgian rap/production duo Blackwave are back with their latest single and it's a joyful love letter to the West Coast hip-hop. Coming along for the ride are Belgium-based rapper K1D and Californian artists Caleborate (whom they've collaborated with several times before) and Pell. Together, they've created a twinkling, feel good hip-hop bubbler with glitchy, trappy drums and a blend of raw bars and melodic singing from Pell. Matching the frantic energy of everyone trying to make it in L.A, the video is simultaneously fast-paced yet laid back, and non-stop fun from start to finish.

Speaking with Complex via email, Blackwave told us: "For this track, we could either make a 'high budget' looking video with a big crew, crazy locations and expensive material in our home country Belgium, or we could just spend the whole budget on tickets to LA and shoot a spontaneous and raw video over there. So that's what we did. It fitted perfectly with the concept of the track. First of all we had these two verses from Caleborate and Pell, who are both from California. So bringing K1D along from Belgium would mean that we could all be in the video. And secondly, it's been a dream for us to go to LA someday as it not only represents a music scene we really look up to and are inspired by, but also is considered the city where everybody's on their hustle to get 'up there'."

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