Premiere: Belgium-Based Duo Blackwave Share Understated Hip-Hop Jam "Home"

Kick back with the video game visuals from Simon Danckaert.

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In just two years, Belgium-based duo Blackwave, aka Willem and Jay, have been working furiously, putting out an album and countless singles. Without missing a beat, they're back to add to that impressive catalogue of tracks with an understated new jam called "Home". As always, the pair's effortlessly charming flows are front and centre, backed by little more than a subtle beat and a guitar. The track also sees them collaborate once more with old friend Caleborate (whom you might remember from the duo's Mic Check album from 2017), whose verse adds another layer of nostalgia to a track already steeped in themes like alienation and longing to feel at home.

Speaking with Complex via email, Willem told us: "It all came really spontaneous. Without discussing the subject of the song, our lyrics all fell in place. To me, the song is about not feeling at home. Not in a literal, location bound way, but in a personal, almost spiritual way. I guess we were all still searching. We probably still are to be quite honest."

Kick back with the video game visuals from Simon Danckaert at the top.

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