Premiere: Alex Mali Isn't Here For Time-Wasters On "Start It Up"

No one wants to feel like they're being strung along by someone who's less than 100% committed.

Alex Mali (credit: Sam Gold)

Image via Sam Gold

Alex Mali (credit: Sam Gold)

Born to a Jamaican mother and a Trinidadian father, R&B singer-songwriter Alex Mali has been injecting her parents' heritage into her highly relatable ballads for the past couple of years and it's something which seems to connect more and more with her fans with each passing release.

Her latest single is "Start It Up", an impatient piece of chart-ready R&B that articulates the very real feeling of being strung along by someone who seems to have one foot in the relationship and one foot in the single life. No one wants to feel as if they're giving their all to someone who's less than 100% committed, so if that sounds like your situation, crank this one up loud and remind yourself you can do better.

Speaking with Complex via email, Mali told us: "When I was writing 'Start It Up' I was thinking about the common struggle of being led on in relationships and I've always been someone who valued communication and honesty. So if you ain't shit, stay away!"

Mali's debut EP, Sweet & Sour, is out July 26. 

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