UK Jazz Outfit Kokoroko’s New Short Film, ‘Rapt’, Takes Us To Makoko (‘The Venice Of Africa’)

The Brownswood-signed jazz band take us on a stunning and emotional trip to Makoko, a settlement built on stilts just off the coast of Lagos.

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Eight-strong UK jazz unit Kokoroko embarked an ambitious adventure recently, heading out a Makoko, a settlement off the coast of Lagos that’s otherwise known as ‘the Venice of Africa’. 

Originally founded in the 19th century by fishermen from Benin, Makoko is a city built entirely on stilts that support their homes above the waters of Lagos Lagoon. Sadly, the people of Makoko live under the constant threat of their homes being torn down by the Nigerian government.

Back in 2012, that’s exactly what happened when the Lagos State Government ordered some of the homes be torn down without the proper notices being issues. 3,000 people lost their homes as a result and although efforts have been made to repair the damage, the people of Makoko are far from secure.

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