Listen To Jorja Smith's New Single "All Of This"

This is the first single from the Walsall singer since her recent 'Be Right Back' EP, and hopefully a taste of what's to come on her next album.

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Rightly hailed as the sound of the summer, the percussive grooves and rolling bass patterns of South African-bred genre Amapiano have been worming their way into everything from house music to drill and even pop. The latest to join the party is Jorja Smith who returns after her recent EP, Be Right Back, with her new single, “All Of This”, which features production from Ghanaian producer GuiltyBeatz.

When the EP dropped back in May, Smith made it known that it was a quick little release to tide us over while we wait for what’s to come. Details on what exactly that could be were somewhat elusive, so it’s not clear if this new single will form part of a larger project or not; either way, it’s a welcome surprise on the way to whatever comes next.

In the accompanying press release, Jorja explained how the song came together: “I met [Guilty] when I went over to Port Antonio in Jamaica for a writing camp in 2019. He’s so wonderful to work with and when we initially started the song, it was more a fall to the floor type beat. He’s shared Amapiano playlists with me before and then during the first lockdown in 2020, he sent me a version of the song like it is now. It’s all about someone who doesn’t deserve you and thinking, ‘Wow, you really had all of me once. Ew.’”

Hit play on the visuals at the top and then add “All Of This” to your playlists.

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