Jevon's On A Downward Spiral On New Single "Falling"

It's just a question of how you pick yourself back up.

Jevon (credit: Chris Almeida)

Image via Chris Almeida

Jevon (credit: Chris Almeida)

Few things in this world can offer us the kind of therapy that music can. It's one thing as a listener, but for anyone creative it can be an invaluable form of therapy.

Take Jevon's "Falling", for example — in it, he takes us back to a rough patch he went through recently, in turn sending us listeners back to our worst break-ups; the feeling of living hour-to-hour, of spending too much time in bars and trying to find solace in all the wrong places. It is inevitable that every one of us will go through some sort of heartache at least once in our lives, it's just a question of how you pick yourself back up.

Jevon explains: "The song feels like a constant cycle, emotionally and mentally. I was reflecting on a time when my head was in a completely different place... I had a hard time letting go of things out of my control. No matter what I did, I felt like everything kept me going back to the same place."

UPDATE (April 1): The official video has just landed.

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