Faze Miyake Interviews Ilja Karilampi, The Swedish Conceptual Artist That He Inspired

Grime and art collide.

Image via Dummy

Here's something unexpected: Swedish conceptual artist, Ilja Karilampi, is exhibiting a series of works he says were inspired by London-based Rinse FM DJ and Woofer boss, Faze Miyake. Miyake, who lends his name to the exhibition, was understandably delighted and decided to interview Karilampi about the exhibition and why he felt such a connection to Miyaki's music. Originally published on Dummy, the interview offers an interesting perspective on the inextricable worlds of music and art, something the Rinse chaps have already explored at their 'Late At The Tate' evening last year. Karilampi explains in the interview that it was Miyake's eclectic and wild selections on his Rinse FM show that struck a chord with him:

"With music being one of Karilampi's main sources of inspiration, Faze Miyake becomes a symbol for the new and unconventional, what the artist himself would describe as next level."

Elsewhere in the interview, Karilampi explains how connected music is with his creativity, crediting much of his inspiration to stations like Rinse FM and Swedish station P3 (oh, and medieval music of course) which he keeps playing throughout day. It also turns out Karilampi dabbles in creating music as well:

"At some point in high school, I got Fruity Loops and made a big bunch of tracks, but my little brother’s PC burned out, so all was lost—it was like Swedish rap and electronica... I also loved playing Mitch Mitchell on drums, and later the guitarist in our band moved to London to become a famous guitarist—but I only really played for fun, not to make a career out of it. At the same time, I felt contemporary art had such a potential for me to express myself and I guess now, especially over the last five to six years, I feel I can really put what I love into it, so there's no loss—rather the contrary."

Read the full interview and view the gallery here.

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