T.I. Pulls Up and Confronts Club That Used His and Son King's Image to Promote Party: 'Don't Play With Me'

T.I. had to show an Atlanta nightclub that he runs the city.

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T.I. wasted no time going off on an Atlanta nightclub for putting him and his son, King Harris, on a flyer to promote a faux event.

In a widely-circulated video, the "Bring Em Out" rapper popped up at Elleven45 Lounge and yelled at the venue's employees for using his and King's likenesses to increase club-goers without their concent.

"N***a, you can talk to me!" T.I. yelled in the clip, before getting in the face of someone who appeared to be a doorman. "Until then, ain't nothin' goin'! Ain't nobody gettin' nothing goin'. Nothing! Call who you need to call, do what you need to do! Ain't nothing happenin'. No money, no beers, no-no partyin', no sections, nothing! You put me and mine on the mothafuckin' flyer, n***a get me everything. And if you can't, don't play with me."

Before T.I. left, he gave a final warning to club employees, all whom were silent during his rant. "I don't know if y'all from here, but n***a, don't play with me in this city. It's my mothafuckin' city," he said.

The reason for T.I.'s turn-up was valid, as the flyer depicted T.I. choking out King, resembling the now-viral alteraction during a Atlanta Falcons game on Sunday.

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In an explainer video, the flyer was subsequently changed due to T.I.'s special appearance. Elleven45 Lounge might be shaken up, but they'll probably never try T.I. again. Besides, the 3-time Grammy Award-winnercame to Complex's GOAT Talk and shared where he stands with his 19-year-old son.

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