The LOX Want André 3000 to Rap Again: 'You're One of the Greatest Ever'

The rap trio want more than flute-playing from Three Stacks.

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Rap group The LOX, composed of members Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch, want more from André 3000 than his instrumental album New Blue Sun.

Minus Jadakiss, Styles P and Louch were recent guests on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, where they expressed a desire to hear Three Stacks get back to the bars. Throughout the New Blue Sun rollout, 3000 has talked about wanting to rap again, but not being inspired by current music, although he's collaborated with the likes of Kanye West, Travis Scott and Killer Mike in the last few years.

“Nah, so much to talk about Dre,” Sheek said on The Breakfast Club around the 32:55-minute mark. “It’s a lot, man. Just how you word it and put it. You don’t gotta — of course we not talking about being in the hallways or trapping and all that too much but it’s a lot. Let us know what you been going through.”

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“Rap about his travels. He’s one of the greatest to ever do it. He could’ve rapped over the flute beats. Straight up. I think rapping about what is he gonna rap about is a good point of view. It gives different people different perspectives.”

The LOX, who are all in their forties like 3000, have continued performing since their inception in 1994, around the same time that Three Stacks joined Big Boi to introduce Outkast. Whereas the group has taken part in Hip Hop 50 celebrations this year, 3000 recently told CBS Mornings that he had no interest in returning to the stage.

"I don't necessarily like looking back," he told CBS Mornings' Anthony Mason. "And I wouldn't wanna be in a place where I'm doing it on some, just because I'm trying to meet an expectation. I didn't get into Outkast for that. We were just kids, like, trying to see how far we could take it."

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