SZA Matches Zodiac Signs With Her Songs, Jokingly Says She Doesn’t Make Music for Cancer

The Grammy-winner nearly faced wrath from the Water sign.

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SZA gave her honest take on which of her songs represent the twelve sign Zodiac.

In a TikTok for Apple Music, the Top Dawg Entertainment artist spent two minutes pondering the Zodiac and its compatibility with her music.

"Hey, it's SZA. Y'all know I be on my astrology things, so we're gonna give you my songs but in astrology form," she began. "I've seen some of you do this already on your own, so let's see if I'm in alignment."

A voiceover then reads off each sign, which SZA compares to the songs in her catalog. For Capricorn, the SOS artist thought of the "driest" song she's made, which she said was "Nobody Gets Me."

"Aquarius... That is like the most 'alt' song that I have," she continued. "So that would be, like, "Ghost in the Machine."

For Pisces, SZA chose "Special," while "F2F" is saved for Aries. "You did it for the thrill," she told the Aries community.

"Taurus is like grounded but turnt up," SZA said, name-checking her Taurian friend, Kehlani. Strictly for the Bull sign, the artist called out SOS track "Gone Girl."

Calling out Geminis for their "brilliance," SZA mentioned "Blind," but jokingly showed her distaste for Cancers immediately after. "Cancer..." she said before leaning back. "I don't make Cancer music. Respectfully."

But later, she cleared up the response on her Instagram Stories, showing love to her Cancerian mother.

SZA responds to Cancer community after saying she doesn’t make music for them:

“Jk I love y’all”

— Pop Crave (@PopCrave) February 1, 2024
Twitter: @PopCrave

Calling "Conceited" the "Leo anthem," she switched "Gone Girl" from Taurus to Virgos. "That wasn't a Taurus song," she clarified.

The singer-songwriter said Libras exude "huge "Love Galore" energy," naming her 2017 Travis Scott-assisted single.

When landing on her sign, Scorpio, SZA called the decision "tough." "Most of the vengeful records, like, "[Smoking on My"] Ex Pack..." that's a real Scorpio song."

Shrieking when she she heard the word "Sagittarius," SZA said she had to choose a song "that talks the most crazy." "So, basically, "Supermodel" is pretty, just like, 'Why did you just say that?"

The TikTok concluded with SZA inviting her fans to "mull over" what song of hers best reflects their sign and to attend her Apple Music Live concert, which premiered last night.

The "Kill Bill" artist will next perform at the 2024 Grammy Awards, where she's up for nine nominations, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year.

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