Kodak Black's Lawyer Says Lab Report Confirmed Oxycodone, Not Cocaine (UPDATE)

The rapper was arrested for alleged drug possession and said that the incident is a sign for him to slow down.

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UPDATED 1/10/24, 1:50 p.m. ET: Kodak Black's attorney is downplaying his client's arrest last month on drug possession charges and said he was in possession of oxycodone, not cocaine as previously reported.

"As stated when this new case first was filed. This was not cocaine and the officer was lying about his observations. We finally got the lab report...its oxycodone that Kodak had a prescription for and not an illegal substance," his attorney Bradford Cohen wrote in a post shared on Instagram. "Knowing that the officer substantially misrepresented his observations, the Broward State Atty Office still filed the charged. Unbelievable and it will not be tolerated. This level of abuse of power by the arresting officer is disgusting. We will be seeking a new bond hearing and addressing these unethical practices by the police department."

Kodak is facing potential prison time over the drug possession charges.

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Kodak Black is clearing the air on his drug usage.

One week after being arrested in Broward County, Florida for alleged cocaine possession, the rapper appeared on Instagram Live where he admitted to having used certain substances.

"I was on lean," Kodak told his Instagram followers. "I was asleep in front of my family house, that's it."

Kodak added that sleeping in front of his family's residence "ain't illegal" and that after his arrest, he had to go through a "process." However, when it comes to cocaine, the 26-year-old denies that he's ever used the stimulant, which is highly addictive and euphoria-inducing for a short duration, per the American Addiction Centers.

Calling the cocaine allegations "bogus as hell," Kodak didn't disclose the alleged possession, but said that Percocet was prescribed to him. He added that when he started "damn near abusing" Percocet, he spent six figures on rehabilitation.

“I’m working on myself,’ he added. “I paid $350,000 to get clean and get better.”   

Elsewhere in the Instagram Live session, Kodak denied being a "junkie," although he admitted to using methamphetamine and the aforementioned Percocet.

Kodak Black Admits To Doing Meth and Perks, But Never Cocaine: “I Ain’t No Baser. I Ain’t No Junkie, B*tch.” pic.twitter.com/HYCE87wvQn

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Kodak wrapped up his explanation by apologizing to his fans for hearing about the arrest, which he said was probably a sign from God to slow down, but it wouldn't be the first time anyone's showed concern about Kodak's wellbeing. In November, Joe Budden spoke on his podcast about Kodak's Drink Champs appearance, saying that he was "concerned" about the When I Was Dead artist.

"Kodak Black looked like pure shit on Drink Champs," Budden said. "And he looked like shit when he was wiggling around on the floor, talking to himself in the dark when his man was taping him … didn't look the greatest when he dodged that bullet from two feet away that we all watched."

He continued, "The internet picks funny times to be concerned about people. I've been concerned about him for the last year."

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