Kirk Franklin Jokes That He Could Be Plies' 'Daddy'

The gospel artist spoke on Shannon Sharpe's podcast 'Club Shay Shay' about the hilarious likelihood of him and Plies being related.

Kirk Franklin isn't giving up hope on being related to Plies.

On Dec. 30, a segment of Franklin's recent chat with Shannon Sharpe on podcast Club Shay Shay was shared to social media, showing the gospel artist joking about the possiblity of being Plies' "daddy." The resemblance between the two has been a long-running internet joke, with both once meeting each other via Facetime in 2022.

“He don’t wanna do nothin’, he be talkin’,” Franklin said about wanting to meet Plies in-person. “He be just runnin’ his mouth. It’s because we were supposed to been done got together. We was going to do something in Florida, in Miami... he don’t wanna do nothin’. It’s because I think he’s really, really, really afraid that I could be his daddy.”


“I think #plies is really, really, really afraid that I could be his daddy.” - #kirkfranklin

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Franklin tried to connect with his long lost "son" before, once Facetiming the "Shawty" rapper during a chat with Angela Yee in Oct. 2022. "I've been trying to reach out to you for the longest," Franklin told Plies in the clip below. "We gon' do something from Florida, right?"

"So me and my twin, we coming to Florida," Franklin added.

"And we twinnin' right now, forreal, forreal," Plies joked.

The year before, Plies came to Franklin's defense after a volatile call between the Father's Day artist and his eldest son, Kerrion, leaked online.

“That was not my dawg on that phone, that was me!” Plies joked on Twitter, claiming that Franklin's voice on the call was actually his own. "I gotta put my dawg on the album now 4real," he added.  “He sounded just like me on that phone bih."

That Was NOT My Dawg On That Phone That Was ME!!!!!!#ITakeFullResponsibilityForThoseActions🤣

— Plies (@plies) March 14, 2021
Twitter: @plies

I Gotta Put My Dawg On The Album Now 4real!!!!! He Sounded Just Like Me On That Phone Bih!!!!!! 😂😂😂 #AintNoneOfUsPerfect

— Plies (@plies) March 14, 2021
Twitter: @plies

Plies has unsuccessfully invited Franklin to the strip club numerous times, but maybe 2024 will be the year that the doppelgangers will finally link.

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