Wiz Khalifa Writes A Letter To Fans, Admits His Mistake With "Rolling Papers"

He doesn't regret anything, but he's grown as an artist.

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Wiz Khalifa had a lot to get off his chest today, and the Taylor Gang ringleader didn't hold back. He wrote a message to his fans and explained his clothing choices, his appreciation for all the support, and his excitement for the new music he's been working on. He also revealed what he believes to be his mistake with Rolling Papers, which he admitted wasn't his best work creatively. Read the full letter below:

Im high as fuck and don’t even know to start this so ima just say thank you to everyone who’s supported the TAYLOR GANG movement and showed love up to this point. We’ve all grown so much since i first came onto the scene and most of all inspired a whole new generation of muh fuggas who aren’t afraid to be themselves and unite. Before there were Taylors, the game was lacking fun, unity, positivity, and love for one another. Shit, your favorite rappers weren’t even getting paid well. You guys changed that, and the game shld forever be in debt to you. I remember getting 500 dollars for a show to fly out and see kids who had no idea what a wiz khalifa was, and you crazy muh fuggas showed up. Had a great time, and spread the word. Its ya’lls spirit who revived the rap game and brought back the true art to this shit. Your demand for live shows made it possible for a lot of rappers to come from nothing and feed their families. Promoters too, more kids are managers, dj’s videographers. Shit everyones eating. Thanx to you Taylors!!!! Take credit for that shit. Lol

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