What Does Rihanna Think Of The Drake and Chris Brown Drama?

Here's her reaction, according to one source.

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After all the drama between Drake and Chris Brown (and their crews) at the club last night, a lot of people are assuming that the beef is all about Rihanna. Both artists have been connected with RiRi, and everybody has been wondering what she thinks about this whole fiasco.

Rihanna has been pretty quiet about it, not speaking to any reporters about things, but according to one source who talked to Us Weekly, she does have feelings about it. According to this source, "Men fighting over her? Are you kidding? Of course. [She] loves the drama." The source also said that when she heard the news "she just laughed. She's spoken to both of them and just thinks it's crazy. She's glad she wasn't there though!"

On the other hand, another anonymous source told Hollywood Life that Rihanna "clearly doesn’t want anyone fighting and especially not over her. She saw the pic Chris tweeted and her face turned upside down. She’s a little distraught over this and hopes both of them are all right.”

A third anonymous source talked to Radar Online and told another story. "Those two have a thing for each other that will never die, no matter what, and they’re on their way to really being back together. Chris just adores her. And she tended to him, making sure the gash on his chin from the fight was okay.”

So what does Rihanna really think? It's not clear at this point, but there are a lot of stories going around. Once things settle down, maybe we'll hear her perspective.

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