Mystikal Going Back To Jail For Probation Violation

Bad news for the Cash Money signee.

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Up until now, things have been going pretty well for Mystikal since he got out of jail. He was locked up for six years after catching sexual battery and extortion charges, and soon after his release he was back in the headlines with the news that he was signed to Cash Money. Last time we heard him talk he seemed to be in a good place, but today things take a negative turn.

Back in February, the 41-year-old rapper was arrested for misdemeanor domestic abuse, and it wouldn't normally mean jail time, but according to the terms of his probation, Mystikal had to remain arrest-free. Because of the violation, the judge decided that he'll be spending 90 days in jail, minus the 9 days he was held for back in February. He'll be back behind bars starting on May 14.

[via Nola]

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