Music Links of The Day 9/9/2011

Bono admits that U2 is on the verge of irrelevance, Bieber raises charity money, and T.I.'s wife thinks he's being treated unfairly because he's a famous rapper.

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Bono of U2 says that the band has been on the verge of irrelevance for 20 years. [Spinner]

A list of five great songs that don't feature the artist who released the album. [The Smoking Section]

Why the list of Jay-Z's best songs matters. [Chicago Now]

Justin Bieber raises money for charity during Fashion's Night Out. [The Hollywood Reporter]

T.I.'s wife Tiny is saying her husband is being targeted because he's a famous rapper. [TMZ]

50 Cent's movie scheduled to drop early next year. [HipHopDX]

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