Drake Sued By Alleged Ex Over "Marvin's Room" Voicemails

The woman who's voice was used comes forward and wants her money.

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By now, we're all familiar with Drake's "Marvin's Room," the Take Care single which is made particularly dramatic by the recorded voicemail that has a girl's voice on the other end of the line. A woman named Ericka Lee, who claims to be Drake's ex-girl and partner in business, has come forward and says that it's her voice in that recording and she wants to get paid for it.

According to Lee, she had both a creative/business relationship with Drake and also a romantic one. She says the concept of "Marvin's Room" was a collaborative idea, and she was asked to record the open monologue as well as a chorus for the song. The two reportedly registered the song together at the U.S. Copyright Office, but the relationship fell apart shortly after the song was released. When Lee tried to make a claim, Cash Money countered by saying she was an "author for hire."

Lee says that Drake texted her and offered her 2% of royalties, but she opted to hire her own lawyer, leading to angry phone calls from Drizzy and an offer of 4-5% of royalties and $50,000.

With the success of the Take Care standout, Ericka Lee is not settling for the small percentage of royalties and is demanding to be named co-writer. She's also seeking to recover damages and additional rewards for unjust enrichment.

No comments have been made on behalf of Drake.

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