Watch the Western-Inspired Video for T-Pain and Kehlani's "I Like Dat"

Kehlani and T-Pain join forces for new a western-inspired music video for their track "I Like Dat," which puts a twist to T-Pain's song "Buy U A Drank."

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Kehlani and T-Pain have connected for the new music video for their song “I Like Dat,” which plays with some of Pain’s own classic themes from previous songs and highlights both of their smooth crooning. 

With Pain’s iconic “Buy U A Drank” beat echoing in the background, and motifs from the track layered throughout the lyrics, the Christian Breslauer-directed visuals drop the two artists in the wild wild west as Pain attempts to sell the town a love tonic. Pain and Kehlani emphasize on the hook that “she don’t want a drank, she want the rent paid,” paying homage to “Buy U A Drank” again, but with a twist. 

About two weeks ago, Kehlani and T-Pain performed “I Like Dat” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and their western-themed set even teased what the future visuals would look like.

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This is T-Pain’s first single since he released “Get Up” last June. Pain also appeared in a new Netflix docuseries, This Is Pop, where he revealed that a conversation with Usher left him depressed after the R&B legend told him he “kinda fucked up music.” Pain recently clarified that he has nothing but respect for Usher, saying that his comment was just a “drop in the ocean” of other things he was going through.

I still love and respect @Usher telling that story was in no way meant to disrespect that man. Ppl talk shit about me 24/7 but when it comes from someone you truly respect it hits very different. I never said f*ck Ursh it was a drop in the ocean of shit I was already goin through

— T-Pain (@TPAIN) June 22, 2021

Watch the new music video for T-Pain and Kehlani’s track “I Like Dat” up top.

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