Summer Walker Looking Into Creating a Social Media App, Says Instagram Is ‘Going to Hell’

After a series of negative interactions with the app, Summer Walker made a post saying she wants to ditch Instagram and start her own social media site.


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Summer Walker has not had the best experience on Instagram—from stalkers watching her every move, to anti-vaccination tirades—so now the singer wants to make a social media app herself.


“I’m bout to look into creating a app similar cause this IG shit going to hell,” Walker mused in the post she made, sharing fans in support of the idea. She also added in the caption, “idk if I even wanna drop my Galactawhore merch on here….. lol it might go against they “‘guidelines.’”

This is in reference to her direct violation of Instagram’s guidelines by asking for vaccinated people to “stay away from her” because she did not trust what was in the vaccine.

“I’m done w this app, and really this whole plandemic agenda,” she wrote in a since-deleted post responding to Instagram taking down her content. “It goes against guidelines to say sleep, water, vegetables, exercise, meditation, fasting & yoga is extremely beneficial to your health but an experimental jab is completely fine to recommend.”

She continued, “It’s bout to get real bad when it comes to us having basic rights. I be tryna warn everyone for so long, but no one cares. No ever listens to me cause I see shit before others can. but this isn’t good, and I’ll leave it.”

Sounds like your run-of-the-mill anti-vax rhetoric, and some that have become more prominent and dangerous as the COVID-19 vaccine has become mandated in cities like New York. 

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